Thoughts tangentially related to David Attenborough

Personal rant incoming…

Six months ago, I watched a 60 Minutes program with David Attenborough. At the time, it didn't sink in much. Still, after contemplating over the program's content for several months, it occurred to me that Attenborough may be what we call a “shallow” ecologist or “shallow” environmentalist.

Now I'm not definitively saying that Attenborough is one of them, but there are some red flags, too many for my taste. Attenborough has urged people to donate to over a dozen charities in the past few years. Still, I've seen no record of Attenborough donating any of his own money to any charities. He's lives in a large home in affluent Richmond and is worth $40+ million! The only thing, cash or otherwise, he appears to have donated his a tooth from an extinct Prince George.

Many will say he is raising awareness. I understand that “raising awareness” is essential, but it's only helpful if it motivates people to action. Remember that all those documentaries put money in his hands, not in the hands of people who actively work to solve the crisis.

Shallow environmentalists are — how shall I say it — an enemy of the climate crisis, regardless of how much they give people warm fuzzies with their words. They lull people into thinking more work is being done when, in fact, it is not. This has the unpleasant effect of discouraging others to action because “it's being handled.”

We need more doers and fewer talkers. Anyone who cares about this planet must take these talkers to task when you read articles about them. Be more discerning about these media stories.

I've been an advocate of the planet all my life and made the decision that I would strive to live a life that leaves the smallest footprint possible on our planet. Twenty-one years ago, I took it to the next level. Unfortunately, I've seen way too many posers and fakers, not only over that time, but for six decades, which is evident by how little we've come since the 1960s.

We all deserve better than that, and by all, I mean every living things on this planet, humans and non-human.